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In a dry climate, like the one we have here in Ogden, Utah, water is crucial for maintaining a healthy landscape. However, with resources at a premium, you want to have the most efficient sprinkler system installed as possible, so you can enjoy Ogden’s nice green surroundings without the outrageous water bills or environmental impact. Most homes and commercial buildings in Ogden have sprinkler systems installed, but they’re not always in good working order. And if you don’t have a sprinkler system at all, now’s the time to stop hand-watering, and let technology do the work for you! Here at Yard Masters, we are your local professionals for sprinkler system installation and repair in Ogden, and we’re here to help.

Setting up a new sprinkler system can be intimidating, and isn’t a good project for a weekend DIY. Ensuring that the pipes are fitted and laid out correctly, the heads are adjusted in the right angles, and the control panel is working smoothly is a job for a professional. Additionally, when something goes wrong with your system, whether someone ran over a sprinkler head, or you’re mysteriously losing water pressure, don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to handle it yourself. Our team of Ogden sprinkler technicians can install, diagnose, and fix your sprinkler issues with ease! Also with the cold winters in Ogden, sprinkler blow outs and proper winterization is as important a step as any other sprinkler repair and is something we offer here at Yard Masters.

When you are ready for efficient, hassle-free sprinklers for your home or office, call us at Yard Masters and request a free estimate. We serve the Davis and Weber counties.


Client Testimonials

I've used Yardmasters for a commercial landscape project, large facility snow removal and also a residential landscape project. They've been great. A prompt, fair and honest team.

Cody H.

Jason! What a guy! I loathe yard work, but he and his crew are amazing! They removed all the weeds, then did a stellar job with the sprinkling system and sod. May be a bit pricey, but end results are well worth it! They're all very kind and considerate!

Tayla D.

Yard Masters has taken care of my yard for years and they are fantastic! The owners and employees are great to work with and they do such a great job each week! I highly recommend them.

Troy I.

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