Fertilizer & Weed Control

We all love a good lawn, but sometimes the maintenance is too much to keep up with. Grass, especially in climates like the one in Ogden, Utah, lawn care requires a bit more effort to stay looking and feeling healthy. When the weeds pop up, or the grass is looking a little drab, don’t spend your whole weekend pulling weeds and doing yard work- let us help! At Yard Masters, we’re proud to offer some of the best lawn fertilization services in Ogden, along with comprehensive weed and pest control solutions. Whether you need help getting the lawn of your dreams at home, or at your commercial building, we’re here for you.

Our team of yard and lawn fertilizing professionals in Ogden can get your greenspace back to its former glory, without the hassle or backbreaking work. We utilize a five-step weed control and fertilizer package, that will provide vital nutrients to your lawn, while stamping out unsightly weeds. And if you’re struggling with pest issues in your yard, your home, or your office, we provide an effective exterior pest control solution that will keep bugs at bay. This foundational treatment prevents spiders and other bugs from entering your dwelling, so you can rest well knowing you’re in good hands with us.

Call us today at Yard Masters for your free estimate for Ogden lawn fertilization and weed control! We serve all of Davis and Weber counties.

Exterior Insect Control

We offer an exterior foundation insect repellent spray service for our Ogden clients which controls insects and lasts for three months.  You will sleep well at night knowing those pesky spiders and bugs won’t be a problem in your home.  Call our office here in Ogden to set up an appointment today!

Client Testimonials

I've used Yardmasters for a commercial landscape project, large facility snow removal and also a residential landscape project. They've been great. A prompt, fair and honest team.

Cody H.

Jason! What a guy! I loathe yard work, but he and his crew are amazing! They removed all the weeds, then did a stellar job with the sprinkling system and sod. May be a bit pricey, but end results are well worth it! They're all very kind and considerate!

Tayla D.

Yard Masters has taken care of my yard for years and they are fantastic! The owners and employees are great to work with and they do such a great job each week! I highly recommend them.

Troy I.

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